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Hmm,embrace yourselves,this is a fucked up post indeed.
Well,I was floating around YouTube,watching some interviews with Jamie Dornan (Christian Grey) and Dakota Johnson (Anna Steele),have you ever noticed how their initials are switching I mean JD and DJ?Hmm,wicked,and I was kinda surprised when I just saw them together and I heard those voices,they are exactly,from my point of view,like I was imagining.Anyway,from video to video I got to some 50 years old,still looking hot,chick,kinda MILF if you ask me but if you don’t it’s better actualy,and this chick-old lady Wendy Williams had a title that sounded like this : „Fifty Shades of Bey”.I was like : ” Oh my freaking God,I have to see this or die trying.”
So…I watched it.It was all about how the audience didn’t wanted B in the script but hell yeah! they want her doing the soundtrack and how much it actualy suck the book but they will go see the movie either way.It was a nonsense discussion but it was all worth it.Why?Because at the list below the video it was another video that made me curious :”Are Bey and Jay divorcing?”.
Yup,you read it well.I guess this is the hot topic of the year.Beside the drop-out-of-nowhere-self-titled-album and the „On The Run” tour trailer AND the actual tour that is on track.I don’t know how are you feeling towards this but for me,as a fan,it was a low punch.Maybe you don’t care,maybe you want they to divorce or maybe you just want to be a  rumor,like I wish to be.Wendy was right about a thing : I love their love,I adore it,and all my ideas and toughts of true love and perfect solid couple will be teard down in couples of seconds if they will divorce.A hole generation will be disappointed in them.I know it will actually happen,it is the last strike we will ever expect from The Queen Beyonce,and that is just because the fulfilled woman,with the perfect voice,body,husband,family will be destroyed.And I am affraid it will never get back.This is a game where the Queen must be taken down.For good.All the Sasha Fierce thing,all the power,all the influence that she spread with the lyrics she sang over and over,all the empowered women out there will feel lied.Why?Because the leader will be defeated by her own rules : independence, egoism, confidence. Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter made ouy of those three words the weapons that the independent woman had to polish every single time she had to make her way trough something.
Anyway,if they are going to split,blood will be shared,tears will fall and it will be like a media Big Bang – it will change everything about the conceptions of the woman towards the world and the people in it.
Well,that was all for tonight.Tomorrow will be a rough day so I expect your comments below,telling me WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE RUMORS THAT AFTER THE „ON THE RUN TOUR” ,THE MOST POWERFULL COUPLE IN THE WORLD WOULD END UP SPLITING?
lOVE,B :*


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  1. 20:19 Time
    Buuun, cum B. a noastra nu are somn-desi acum a tulit-o repede-, mi-a dat ceva de munca cu postul acesta. Dar ora tarzie si engleza mea exceptionala ma vor impinge la o parere pur romaneasca, traditionala.:)))Deci…
    Hm, tocmai m-am oprit din povestiara asta interesanta(stii tu care:)) ), sa fiu alaturi de tine, de sufletelul tau( ma simt ca o manelista-nu am nimic impotriva lor-) si sa-ti spun ca voi suferi alaturi de tine, desi nu stiu mare lucru despre fsog, Bey, Jay si divort. Dar daca esti trista,si eu sunt trista. :3o
    Ok,asta e ciudat,parca as fi indragostita de tine.:))))

  2. I have fucking no idea what you are talking about :)) But I like the post (don’t ask me where is the logic in that) I’m not a fan of 50 Shades of Grey (or of any book/movie that ends in ‘Grey’) and you know it (please, don’t hate me :)) )

    • Well,the post wasn’t at ALL about Fifty Shades of Grey (which is an absolutely interesting and educative in a different way,book,because we are almost there 18!)
      Anyway,it was just a non sense post and I was upset and hearing way too many rumors about the divorce…idk,it just made me do it,ok? :))) That’s it! :)) You should read it,it’s a MUST,believe B!

      • I don’t think I really need a sex lesson right now :)) A lot of people survived without this series. Besides, I don’t waste my money and time with a huge Twilight fan-fic. No ofense, you read what you like, I read what I like…

      • Yeah,a huge Twilight fan-fic which is going to have a Beyonce signed soundtrack.
        Anyaway,I just wanted to say that the world is not just about crimes,science,and all other boring things.Sometimes just have to take time for pleasure.But,who am I to say that,right? :))
        You might not need it right now but I bet you don’t want to read it when you will be like 50,and not able to kinda do all those stuff in the book.

      • First, those „boring things” are interesting for me (I know, I am such a nerd :)) ). Second, I don’t think I need a guide to make sex :)) It’s good or bad, it doesn’t matter as long as the partener loves you, right? But everybody’s different, I can’t tell you what to think. I don’t tell you what to read, so don’t tell me what to read. Okay?

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